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Your decision to choose an auto glass technician shouldn't be based on who says they're the cheapest. It should be based on who will do factory quality work with the best available parts and factory approved techniques for replacement and repair. I don't cut corners or use inferior aftermarket parts which can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle, making it less safe in an accident, just to save a couple dollars.


Licensed, Insured, Nationally Certified Technician

I have been a nationally certified technician my entire career. First with the NGA ( National Glass Association ) which eventually sold to and became the AGRSS ( Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards). The AGRSS has since been renamed the AGSC ( Auto Glass Safety Council ), with whom I am currently certified.

Over 25 years in this business, I have had to tear down and evaluate hundreds of faulty installations for the Better Business Bureau and insurance companies to report poor workmanship, improper use of adhesive systems and rust prevention, and safety issues after customer complaints and failed repair attempts.

DempsterGlass Certification

Windshield Safety is my #1 Priority

Your windshield accounts for 45-60% of the structural integrity of the vehicle in a collision or rollover. Proper installation techniques and materials are imperative to keep you safe in an accident. The windshield is bonded to the car and helps to stiffen the frame as well as assist in proper airbag deployment for maximum occupant safety in an accident.

Please visit the ( Sika ) product website for video footage and detailed information to see why I choose their products above all others.

In 2008, ABC news 20/20 produced a great segment on the Auto Glass Industry and the dangers associated with poor quality work. Please take some time to watch this video. ABC News

This is a report from the Canadian News Magazine MarketPlace highlighting unsafe windshield installations. This video was produced by PPG Industries for it's "Partnering With Insurance Agents" Continuing Education Program and is broadcast with the written permission of PPG Industries Continuing Education Department. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO MarketPlace (PPG)


CBS also did a segment addressing this issue. CBS13

Low quality glass parts, unskilled technicians, lack of use or incorrect primers for rust prevention and proper glue adhesion to glass, or a technician that hurries the job are all contributors to an unsafe vehicle.

Improper or non use of pinchweld primer results in massive rust within a few years, completely compromising the integrity of the glue bed and structural integrity of vehicle.

This vehicle is a perfect example of rust damage on a newer vehicle. The customer originally selected the lowest quote when they replaced their windshield, saving $50.  A year and a half later, they brought me the vehicle with water leak issues after the original company failed to fix the issue.

Initial inspection showed heavy rust exposed along the roof line above the molding. Upon removal of the windshield, it was discovered that the rust was bad enough above the drivers side that glue was no longer adhered to the vehicle body. The pinchweld and vehicle needed to be sandblasted, primered, and repainted. In addition to a new windshield, the customer had to spend close to $3,000 for rust repair and to match the nice factory pearl paint job, restoring the car to safe factory conditions.

Improper or non use of glass primer results in the the adhesive not bonding to the windshield which will not stay in the car during a crash and occupants possibly being severely injured due to the airbag not deploying as designed against the glass or being ejected from the car.

Low skilled technicians and technicians that rush the job will usually not remove all necessary parts around the glass for a proper installation like the factory. Instead they "Dip and Dive" the glass under the parts which usually smears the glue away from where it's supposed to be resulting in poor structural integrity as well as air noise and water leaks. The biggest sign of the "Dip and Dive" method is seeing the wiper arms straight up in the air as the windshield is removed and new one installed as seen in the ABC video.
There are a few exceptions to the rule of always removing the cowl as some cars are designed with the cowl as a lower stop to hold glass during installation and the glue bed is several inches above cowl line, but it is uncommon.

The first picture is what happens when the technician saves time by not removing the lower cowl and "Dips and Dives" the windshield into place. Not only does the glue get smeared away, reducing structural integrity but the air noise and dust that blows up into the car and occupant's face is annoying and dangerous.

The second picture illustrates how glue will not adhere to an un-primered or contaminated windshield.

The entire bottom of both these windshields were barely attached to the car greatly reducing the structural integrity of the crash cage and safety of occupants.

The third picture is the correct way and how I perform replacement. The wipers and plastic lower cover (cowl) are removed (yellow arrow) to have complete access for removal and installation of windshield as originally performed by the factory. This step takes a few minutes longer but it significantly reduces the chance of glue smearing away from where it is designed to be.

The DempsterGlass Guarantee

I have the proper training, certification, and keep myself updated with the latest in automotive glass design and installation methods by the auto manufacturers. 

I will always use the best available parts and dedicate the necessary time to each vehicle for a factory equivalent installation which will result in a vehicle you will be safe driving in with your family.


Dempster Glass Licensed Windshield and Rock Chip Repair

Family Owned in Kalispell

Dennis Dempster is a Nationally Certified AGSC Technician with Over 34 Years of Experience!

Your decision to choose an auto glass technician shouldn't be based on who says they're the cheapest. It should be based on who will do factory quality work with the best available parts and factory approved techniques every single time. Your glass is a vital component in the structural integrity of your vehicle in a collision. I am a nationally certified Auto Glass Safety Council technician.

Your safety is my  #1 concern.

Auto Glass Safety Council Certified in Kalispell Montana

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