Warranty Information

Post Installation Guidelines

After installation, leave windows open 1" to relieve air pressure for 24 hours and do not wash your vehicle for 48 hours. Industry approved retention tape was used on your vehicle and must be removed after 24 hours and no later than 48 hours unless instructed otherwise. DempsterGlass is not responsible for any paint peeling or damage that occurs as a result of defective paint. It is recommended that you avoid driving your vehicle until the adhesive used to install your windshield achieves sufficient strength to meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for windshield/glass retention. The adhesive used to install your windshield was designed to meet those standards in the event of a collision or rollover. Until the adhesive develops sufficient strength, the windshield may not remain in position during a collision or rollover, placing passengers in greater danger of severe or fatal injury.

Please drive with care and always wear your seatbelt.

The "Minimum Safe Drive Away Time" for the vehicle is determined by the adhesive manufacturer. It is based on a number of factors which may include the presence of a passenger side airbag, the adhesive used, temperature and humidity at the time of the installation.You will be informed as to how long your vehicle must not be driven to achieve SDAT. Although your vehicle has been vacuumed of previously broken glass there may still be some glass particles that are not visible or are inaccessible during normal clean-up. Take necessary precautions to avoid any injury. Be advised that DempsterGlass is not responsible for additional clean-up of your vehicle and under no circumstance shall D´╗┐empsterGlass´╗┐ be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Lifetime Warranty

All automotive glass is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for as long as the customer owns the vehicle in which the glass is installed by DempsterGlass. Truck sliding back glass and other moveable type units, carry manufacturers warranty against defects in material and workmanship, typically one year from the date of installation, per the invoice.

Dealer and replacement parts inlcuding mechanical and electrical parts such as window lift assemblies, wiper assemblies, motors, switches, sensors, etc shall carry the manufacturers warranty against defects only. All such defects must be brought to the attention of DempsterGlass and the original receipt is required to be presented at time of warranty claims.

In the event of a warranty claim the customer will be made aware that there is a diagnostic labor charge to determine the source of leakage, noise, failed component or other reported issue. If it is discovered during diagnosis that the warranty claim is the result of defective material, workmanship, or other covered component, DempsterGlass will waive the diagnostic fee and make any and all reasonable efforts to repair the vehicle correctly.

If it is discovered during diagnosis that DempsterGlass is not responsible for the warranty claim issue the customer will be informed of the discovery and will be charged for the diagnostic fee. If DempsterGlass is able to perform necessary repairs the customer will be given available options and costs for repair, including any applicable additional labor to replace or repair missing, damaged or failed components.

DempsterGlass at their discretion and with the customers approval may repair non-warranty issues if the repairs can be done during the course of the diagnosis and do not require significant additional time or parts above the initial diagnostic rate. The customer is not obligated to use DempsterGlass for the non-warranty repair work and is welcome to use the diagnostic invoice to provide to any repair shop of their choice. The customer is aware the repair shop of their choice is not obligated to accept DempsterGlass diagnostic and may require their own.

The Lifetime warranty does not cover used glass or parts.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not cover damage to glass or parts due to theft, fire, vandalism, negligent conduct or accident, nature, acts of God, and/or rock chips, or any other damage not involving defective workmanship or materials. Under no circumstance shall DempsterGlass be liable for incidental or consequential damage.

This warranty does not cover leaks, stress cracks, or related damage in connection with installations to vehicles having damage or rust on the pinch weld, body panels,or adjacent components. DempsterGlass will make reasonable efforts, whenever and wherever possible, to advise you of the existence of missing and damaged parts or existence of rust prior to removal of existing glass or components. If missing or damaged parts, or rust, is not visible upon initial inspection, and is discovered once work begins by removal of moldings, glass, or other components that block initial visual inspection, the customer will be notified as soon as possible before work proceeds any further.

Customer will be given available options and costs for repair, including any applicable additional labor charges to replace or repair missing, damaged, or rusted components. Minor rust issues can safely be repaired by DempsterGlass for an additional labor charge. Major damage or rust issues that prohibit safe installation of glass or components will need to be repaired by a qualified auto body or repair facility. Customer will be responsible for any and all costs to have their vehicle properly repaired before DempsterGlass can resume work.

Customer will be responsible for payment to DempsterGlass for any charges incurred up to the point where work is halted due to additional repairs needed. Once necessary repairs have been made, the customer shall contact DempsterGlass to schedule an appointment to resume work, and upon completion of services, payment of balance is due.

Warranty is NULL and VOID if repairs or replacement are completed without notification to DempsterGlass. DempsterGlass is not responsible for any payments for repairs and replacement made by another company without prior authorization.

This Limited Warranty does not cover used glass or parts.


DempsterGlass reserves the right to have different discounts for different customer accounts and insurance companies.

All charges are C.O.D. unless prior written credit approval is obtained. There is a 20% handling charge on returned or cancelled items. Special order parts require deposit.

Please do not leave valuables in the vehicle as DempsterGlass is not responsible for lost or damaged articles left inside during course of repair or clean-up of broken glass.

Moldings, gaskets, clips, weather strips, sensors, mechanical or electrical components, etc are separate and additional charges if required for installation.

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